What Barry Rosenstein Has In Stock Portfolio?

Barry Rosenstein of Jana Partners is known as the top activist and investor who has pushed Whole Foods towards Amazon. Investors are impressed by this hedge fund due to its returns in double digits starting from 2001 till now. However, recently a lackluster performance has been observed for this hedge fund. Around $5 million have been overseen by Rosenstein as of the year 2019. Around 20% return has been put up by his fund since 2001. The Jana Partners of Rosenstein have an average return on an annual basis for the majority of the big positions is around 67%. How this comes possible? As he is an activist investor, therefore, he shows more interest in stocks having deep value and where chances of change are present. Stock repricing is a change and just like other activists, Rosenstein tends to act as the change catalyst. Here, we will share the details for the best picks of stocks from the portfolio of Barry Rosenstein as highlighted by Insider Monkey. Let’s start with What Barry Rosenstein Has In Stock Portfolio:

The 5th biggest stock holding company in the stock portfolio of Jana Partners is Bloomin Brands, Inc. which is a restaurant chain. Until the end of the previous quarter, the overall value of this stock in the portfolio accounts for approximately 6.61%. Although, the shares of the company rebounded in the last several months and a 14% reduction in stock value has been observed in 2020. The revenues during Q3 increased by 20.2% i.e. $771.3 million. There will be a huge improvement in the future fundamentals of the restaurant chain after the discovery of the vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic This is highlighting that the prices of shares will recover by 30% in the past 2 months. Another company on the list is Encompass Health Corporation which is a healthcare service provider. Barry Rosenstein shows his confidence in this company by buying $113 million worth of shares of this stake. This accounts for around 10% of the entire stock portfolio. The stock price of EHC rallied to about 35% during the previous 2 months because of the invention of the COVID-19 vaccine. This company is also offering dividends and the average growth rate of dividends per year is 7.12%. The revenues of the company in the September quarter were $1.17 billion. 

There are many more stock picks in the list as well, to get more info, you can read Barry Rosenstein and Jana Partners’ Top Stock Picks.

What Barry Rosenstein Has In Stock Portfolio