Larry Robbins’ Top Stock Picks

Larry Robbins is a billionaire who is running the Glenview Capital Hedge fund worth $10 billion. Since the year 2000, around 20% of annual returns have been produced by Glenview Capital. He bet that a boom will be brought about by Obamacare in the insurance and hospital stocks. Indeed, the Obamacare wager of Robbins is broadly taken into account as the highly profitable trades in the last decade. Profits of $3 billion have been generated by Glenview after purchasing insurance and hospital stocks since the year 2012. Such a profitable bet has turned Robbins into a billionaire and this has made his hedge fund as the top performer during the last 5 years. He gained a 101% return in the year 2012. Similar to other billionaire investors and activities, he also takes huge stakes in organizations and desires board seats. This is recognized as the usual practice of all billionaire investors. Now, let’s jump directly to the top 10 stocks held by Robbins as shared by Insider Monkey in their Yahoo post.

On the top of the list, the biggest stock holding in the portfolio of Larry Robbins is Tenet Healthcare Corporation which is a diversified healthcare service firm. This stock accounts for approximately 21.39% of the entire stock portfolio. In the latest quarter, 7% of the stake was sold by the hedge fund for capitalizing on the increase in the share price. During the past 6 months, there has been observed 100% growth in the shares of THC. The strategy of the company is extending its product portfolio with the help of acquisitions. Recently, a plan has been announced by THC to acquire the portfolio of around 45 surgery centers. Another company in the list shared by Insider Monkey is Takeda pharmaceutical Company Limited which is engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. This company is present in the stock portfolio of Glenview Capital since the Q1 of 2020. This is the 2nd biggest stock holding of the stock portfolio of Larry Robbins which accounts for approximately 8.72% of the entire portfolio. In the previous 12 months, an 8% increase has been observed in the shares of TAK. 

Bausch Health Companies Inc. is the 3rd biggest stock holding in the portfolio of Robbins. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of medical and pharmaceutical device products. The investment in this stock accounts for approximately 6.67% of the entire stock portfolio. This year, there has been observed underperformance of the stocks of BHC with a loss of around 33% in the share price during the last 12 months. There are some other stock picks in the list as well, please read more about Billionaire Larry Robbins’ Top 10 Stock Picks on Yahoo.

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