7 Least Harmful Cigarette Brands in India

Smoking is a bad habit, we all know it – but what are the least harmful cigarette brands in India? Insider Monkey has investigated the answers for you now in their latest article. Why do people smoke in spite it’s very harmful? We don’t know.  Many different factors influence people to smoke though. It can easily start with peer pressure where you want to look cool and ‘in’ with your circle of friends, which is especially common for teens. Teens are going through a lot of growing and sometimes may not always see the long term effects of the decisions they choose. I started smoking when I was around forty, so only couple of years ago. It was a big mistake to begin smoking but now I try to quit. Anyhow I don’t smoke too much, and at present I’m struggling a bit with the lack of smoke, but I feel I can win.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the least harmful cigarette brands in India from their list.

The first one is Lucky Strike Click and Roll. British American Tobacco owns the Lucky Strike brans and their Click and Roll has a menthol capsule inside the filter. Once you click it, it will turn into a menthol cigarette. This has a mild and mellow taste which makes it different from other menthol cigarettes. The next cigarettes brand is Winston White. Winston Whites are an American cigarette brand that has been recognized for their “additive-free” cigarettes. Winston cigarettes have been popular for decades in the U.S. and have come to be a well-known brand all over the globe. Their tar and nicotine levels are low compared to a lot of cigarettes, which is why it wins a spot on our list of least harmful cigarette brands in India. At last, but not least there is Marlboro Filter Plus One. Marlboro is a well-known brand worldwide, made by Philip Morris and was launched in 1924. This is originally a cigarette catered to women, which in the long run became a brand popular with both men and women. Marlboro Filter Plus One is an innovation which will give you an amazing taste experience, and the mild cigarette isn’t as bad as many others.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 7 least harmful cigarette brands in India.

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