12 Biggest Organized Crime Groups in America

This article will bring you to the list of the biggest organized crime groups in America. Insider Monkey has recently published an interesting article about it giving you some advice. There are various types of organized crimes committed by the top crime groups that include the typical crimes you would expect from a street criminal such as rape, murder, and stealing. However, the bigger crime groups who wield enormous influence and power go beyond such crimes and enter (or in some cases create) criminal industries such as human trafficking, kidnapping for ransom and drug trafficking, all of which are enormously profitable. We have been facing the issue of organized crime for a long time now and instead of seeing it reduced, we have seen it grow exponentially, resulting in deaths, violence, anarchy and loss of billions.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the  biggest organized crime groups in America from their list.

The first one is Texas Syndicate that was established as a prison gang in order to counter other gangs preying on native Texans, and are still largely a prison gang though some of their members engage in other forms of criminal activity as well. The next crime group on our short list now should be Paisa. Established in Colombia, Paisa consisted of paramilitary members who established themselves as drug traffickers. However, the group’s influence has waned in recent years and its power has been called into question as well. However, as evident from this report, the group still holds some sway, especially in cross border crimes. At last, but not least we are mentioning Mexican Mafia. Despite its name, this organization that ranked third on our list of biggest organized crime groups in America, was established in the US and despite only a few hundred members, has managed to successfully carry out criminal activities on a large scale.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 12 biggest organized crime groups in America.

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