10 Most Profitable Crops to Grow on a Small Farm

If you are planning to buy a small farm and land it here’s a great list for you – the most profitable crops to grow in a small farm! Insider Monkey’s articles always help a lot for you. As for me, I have a little farm with huge shepherd dogs, hunter dogs, cats, chickens, ducklings, a mini cow and some rabbits. I sell vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk, cheese and some meat sometimes. I do farming beacuse I want to know what I eat. As the saying tells us: you are what you eat. I firmly believe it’s worth investing a little farm, since people in the city have realized products coming from farms directly are much better and healthier. I am planning to grow mushrooms either. Not only because I love cooking and  eating them, but yes, they are very profitable. You can buy pre-grown mushroom sacks and just you put them into the cellar, and violiá! you can harvest! Of course not every mushroom is so easy to grow, but what is true, it is worth considering it.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the the most profitable crops to grow in a small farm from their list.

The first one is mushrooms. First thing in mushroom business is, of course, choosing the mushroom type you would like to grow, in order to know what conditions they require. In any case, mushrooms  do not seek too much attention, only choosing the right growing medium, precisely balanced moisture, and a dark place. There is an excellent choice of mushroom types you can decide to start growing, and we also have suggestions about that question besides suggestions we are offering you about most profitable crops to grow on a small farm. The next idea is to grow Heirloom tomatoes. This tomato variety has become popular recently, and its popularity is still growing as well as the prices. That’s why they are a great idea for growing on your small farm as a cash crop. At last but not least here is garlic to grow. Garlic is high on this list of most profitable crops to grow on a small farm, because you can plant 4-9 plants per square foot.  During the harvest time, you will have not only your products as garlic bulbs but garlic seeds as well that you can use for the next sowing. Also, you should seriously consider growing organic over non organic garlic, since it brings more than twice profit.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 the most profitable crops to grow in a small farm.

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